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Geostationary satellite transponder active
The geostationary amateur radio narrowband transponder on the Es’hail-2/QO-100 was made available for amateur experimental use on the afternoon of Tuesday, 12 February 2019. The 250kHz bandwidth transponder uses the 2.4GHz band for the uplink with the downlink in the 10.45GHz band and should provide communications over a wide portion of the globe. Potentially both […]

Geostationary satellite transponder active 2019/02/15 15:48
ITU emergency comms document update
The ITU has updated a key recommendation for cross border usage of Emergency Communications Equipment. The new 2019 edition of ITU Recommendation M-1637 is clearer regarding countries facilitating the use of radio equipment that may be physically brought by visiting relief personnel into the territory where there is a disaster or emergency. The recommendation is […]

ITU emergency comms document update 2019/02/15 15:46
Could your club host Train the Trainers?
The RSGB is in the process of organising Train the Trainers courses for this year. If your club would like to host one then please contact Further details and the list of requirements for hosting the course can be found at

Could your club host Train the Trainers? 2019/02/15 15:43
SOS Radio Week 2019
SOS Radio Week 2019 will take place between 0000UTC on 1 May 2019 to 2359UTC on 31 May 2019. Individual amateur radio operators and clubs are invited to register as official SOS Radio Week stations and operate during the month. Stations can be run under individual, club, or special event call signs, from home or […]

SOS Radio Week 2019 2019/02/15 15:37
ARISS slow-scan TV weekend
Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS), has planned another slow-scan television weekend. Transmissions will run until Sunday, 17 February 2019, at 1725UTC. SSTV images will be transmitted on 145.80MHz using SSTV-mode PD120. These can be received using equipment as simple as a 2m handheld radio, a scanner that covers that band, or even […]

ARISS slow-scan TV weekend 2019/02/15 15:36